2022 Ford Evos: the new Fusion…

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 Ford is saying, so far, that the new Evos is a Chinese product for the Chinese market (And a local design).
But, when you compare it to the prototypes we have seen around Detroits over and over again in the past year, it is obvious the new model unveiled in China will be the same one coming over here to “replace” the Fusion. (as well as the Mondeo in Europe)
So far, Ford has only shown photos of this top-of-the-line version with a stupid-looking Sport package. Which include the usual black wheels (The same ones on the US prototype) and some moronic orange trim inside and out.
It would be interesting to see some more “normal” versions as well.
Just when I was thinking the idea of a “dashboard/screen” was going to trickle down from cars like the new Mercedes EQB to cheaper models in the coming years… it’s already happened!
As the giant screen inside the Evos pretty much covers the whole dashboard.
I guess screens are getting very cheap, very quickly…
No specs yet. But the rumor is this could be a hybrid-only for the US market. 


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  1. There is another EV based on the Mustang ME that will be built beside it in Mexico. I think this will be it. Of course, we'll get a smaller display screen for US spec. models.

  2. what's wrong with the orange? Ford has been using orange accents on its concept cars for the past 25 years. From the SAV to the the synus, to the GTR concept, to the Mustang Giugiaro, to the Airstream, to the Ford Ranger Max, to the Ford Iosis and Model U. This isn't some industry trend that Ford is trying to start. Orange accent and the color in general has been a part of its recent history for the past 25+ years. The Focus ST and Raptor debut in colors that had orange in its blend. Even the Evos concept's red paint had a tinge of orange in it. Orange is a part of its design DNA.

  3. The upcoming second EV being built in Mexico will be a version of the VW ID.4 or ID.6.. I think if this comes to the US it would have to be primarily ICE or Hybrid in order to keep it from stepping on the Mach-E's tires.

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