2022 Genesis Electrified G80: 1st electric Genesis…

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I guess they don’t have a name for it yet. Since they officially call it “Electrified G80″…
This is actually the very first electric Genesis model. And so fart it looks exactly like the gas version, except of course for the grille. (Which is still huge, but now fake)
We don’t know much about it yet. Except that it has 365 HP and a range of around 310 miles in the European test cycle.
Which is fine but not amazing. 
The base gas model already starts at over $47 000. So this won’t be cheap. Although it will qualify for incentives.
So it could be priced right in-between the  Tesla Model3 and Model S.
This could be interesting. And a good test for how electric luxury sedans do in the marketplace.
When they’re not from Tesla…


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  1. Great job Genesis, this by far is the best looking sedan these days.

    Modern, simple, elegant and exudes luxury. And that colour is stunning.

    Love it!!

  2. Luxury EV with high price tag, that lenght of floor and not more than 300 miles of range? Get to work, guys, it's not quite enough!

  3. Thoes minimailst interiors are world class. The exterior. is good but still needs work. Grille is 20% to big. Needs a surround. Wheels are terrible. Marker light too long.

  4. eG80 was trademarked months ago (as well as eG and eGV versions of the rest of the lineup) so I'm assuming that's how it will be badged. However they choose to market it is a different story.

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