2022 Honda Civic Pix & Video: this is it!!!

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I have to say, I actually like what I see so far. The interior actually seems a bit original and quite classy and higher end.

I really like the details. Of course, I am still not a fan of the tablet screen. But what are you gonna do…
Now I really can’t wait for the hatchback. And also hope that Honda does the right thing: offering this with a Hybrid option!
(Big thanks to a reader for the tip!)

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  1. With every model accept U.S.-specific models like the Oddessey, Ridgeline, and Pilot, Honda typically sends a few batches of their Japanese-made Civics over to us until their US/Canada plants ramp up.
    That's the only Hondas I look for if I'm ever going to get one.

    I believe with the Honda E and the heavy Korean competition, Honda has no choice but to offer better style and value to their models. Too bad this doesn't offer AWD like the Mazda 3.

  2. Wonder how long the air vent control knobs will last before breaking off. Seems like an odd/old design.

  3. First off, probably best to wait at least a few months to 6 months into a production run to buy a totally new model. I wouldn’t purchase a new model until the 2nd model year.

    That being said I think American made Honda’s are just as well made or really close to the Japanese built ones. As the owner of a 2008 Acura TL since new and which is made in Ohio, it’s been ridiculously reliable and well made. 172K miles later the only broken item is Bluetooth module. And 2020 RDX over 15k plus miles has been trouble free and rattle free also.

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