2022 Kia Forte/K3: a few changes…

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I guess the current Kia Forte has been around long enough that a mid-cycle revision is around the corner. From the top photo, it looks like the usual revised bumper/lights affair. Now with the new Kia logo.
The Forte has been called the K3 overseas for years. And it looks like Kia might be ready for a name change for the US market soon. (not sure if the blue car is for the US or not…)
Just like what they did with the Sedona/Carnival and Ptima/K5. (Which is kind of stupid IMO…)
But no matter what they call it, that revised sedan isn’t going to be much to talk about. Since the current model has been of their most boring design in years…


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  1. I would call the 2022 Civic dated and conservative. However it might end up looking decent. If the Forte had a better, more substantial looking interior, it would be way better.

  2. I'm shocked Vince! I admit, I wasn't a fan of this generation of Forte at first, but it's grown on me. It's understated and a bit more conservative, but it's design will age well, like a VW. This reminds me of what the Jetta should have been, plus you can get the GT Turbo, and better yet, with a manual transmission! What a fun package. When I stared seeing them in person, it changed my mind. If I were in the market between this and a Mazda 3 sedan, it would be a tough decision.

    The previous Forte was a jelly bean lump with a front end that was trying to hard to be sporty (the refresh fixed it a bit).

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