2022 Kia K3: maybe our new Forte…

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Even though it has been getting mostly really good reviews, the current Kia Forte is maybe the most boring-looking compact sedan on the US  market today. It even lost a lot of personalities compared to the previous generation.
The mid-cycle refresh doesn’t really look much better. And the interior is basically the same as before.
The good news for the revised Forte might be the new 2022 Civic sedan. Which, so far, doesn’t look much more exciting than the Kia..
Not sure yet if they will decide to rename the Forte for the US market as the K3. Which has been its international name for a while.


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  1. Not sure about the exterior, but the interior refresh looks alot better, especially the center console and instrument panel.

  2. What do you legit want from a compact sedan? I do not understand when you complain about how “boring” this is. It’s an entry level sedan…it’s doing what it should.

  3. They confirmed the rest of the car lineup will switch to this naming structure in the U.S., sans Stinger.

  4. all of Kia and Hyundai's cars are death traps now that the turn signals are located low in the vulnerable bumper. not a safe choice anymore.

  5. the exterior looks fine enough for a small 4 dr sedan . What i really like is the color added to the interior. Tan/black combo with a bit of chrome looks very sharp and just adds life to the interior.
    – i never was a fan of all grey or all black interiors. Frickin depressing.
    – i remember one vehicle i had new back in 1992. A nissan hardbody pickup truck. Shiny red paint. Inside was a sea of dull grey plastics, grey thin burlap quality carpet, grey grey grey ! The seat belt buckle had a red colored release button.
    – maybe i'm being picky, but when you spend a lot of time driving in your vehicle, i find the mood is elevated and the drive is much more pleasant with some interior colors

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