2022 Kia Sportage: new illustrations…

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These are new, really realistic illustrations of the all-new Kia Sportage for 2022.

And they really do match the latest spy shots we have seen of the car.  Apparently, various markets get different sizes of the Sportage, and these illustrations show both the short and longer version.

This looks much better than earlier illustrations we have seen. But I still like the current version better. Which was in line with the previous generations. This is a complete departure for the Sportage. And it doesn’t seem as sporty at all. Almost minivan-like. 

(thanks to Hitekro YouTube for these)

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  1. Hopefully the turn signals are not in the bumper like the Kia Carnival and Hyundai Tucson. Putting them so low is an unsafe practice and should be banned.

  2. The only place I see minivan is the rear. I actually like the more simple side profile of the Sportage better than the trying way too hard Tuscon. After seeing a Tuscon in person, I am really not a fan.

  3. These illustrations are borrowing basic side and rear design cues from the EV6, which makes sense.

  4. The real spy shots show a downward going line in the rear quarter panel…Not a good look…I wish they would stop doing that.

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