2022 Mercedes EQS: better pix…

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Here are a few photos of the new Mercedes EQS with a more “normal” color than the horrible 2 tone crap we have seen so far in most pictures.

I actually like this a lot. I think it looks more modern and upscale than the Tesla Model S. Which is probably its most direct competitor. With the upcoming Lucid Air.

This isn’t as futuristic as the Air, but the interior almost is. 

So far the specs are great. With a one motor 330HP or a dual motor 516HP versions. All getting over 400 miles of EV range. (478 in the European test cycle)

it will be available in the fall, but no price yet. The Tesla Model S now starts at $ 80 000.

And the Lucid Air starts at $70 000 before incentives. Unfortunately, I don’t expect the new EQS to start at under $90 000. We’ll see…

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  1. Ok.

    I guess jellybean shapes are back en vogue? I don't care for the exterior styling. And the interior looks just ok to me.

  2. I'm saddened by this car. Nothing visually new, fresh or class-leading about it. From the cliché aero shape to the carried-over graphic elements to the amphibious interior, this car doesn't lead a charge into the future of design.

  3. This looks like a bad fwd design. I am sure that the interior will be very spacious as a result, but exterior style certainly suffers and makes this MB way more generic looking than it needs to be.

  4. The profile is giving me some Chrysler Concorde or 300M vibes… likely from how the cab is designed…

  5. whoops. Maybe i should read the comments first…. but yes… glad i'm not the only one that sees BUICK written all over it…. I hope they have the AVENIR model

  6. Hey Mercedes, it’s not nice to tantalize us with a cool concept if you plan to release a production version that looks like this disappointing blob.

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