2022 Mercedes EQS: let’s take a drive…

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Pretty interesting (if a bit long) video taken inside the all-new Mercedes EQS EV.
You can really see what the giant dashboard/screen looks and feels like in real life. And it is pretty impressive. 
Again, I really wish this could start at around the same price as a Model S or base Lucid Air. 

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  1. Conceptually, They got everything wrong with the EQS. To begin with, it is in an extremely traditional sedan form which is spatially inefficient. All those reflective useless screens covering the entire cockpit. You cannot even adjust the angle of the screen surface so if the sunlight is reflected on your face while driving you will have to close your eyes. What is even more hidious was the interviewee was somewhat forced to be pretentious with the screen in front of him to keep the passenger side screen looking useful and he did not know what to do to with it and put the screensaver back on. They should really stop copying Chinese designs. Slapping screens everywhere is NOT innovation.

  2. I would never feel comfortable with all those screens turned on. In fact, it would be quite intimidating let alone distracting.

  3. I think it's beautiful in a geeky kinda way, but this video completely failed to lure people in, and explain why one would need a screen in front of the passenger. it's completely useless. "watch movies" is not the reason one would need it.

  4. I'm sorry, but all I can see is super expensive repair costs for the owners in the future for those screens when they have electronic problems, which will happen sooner than later.

  5. GM is pure evil, they killed the original EV in favor of the original hummers because they made them tons of money. They brainwashed Americans into thinking they needed large SUV's because they're safer, far from the truth if you look at the poor crash ratings of any hummer. They could have been leaders in the EV market, instead they literally stole the EV1's from the owners only to crush them.

    Now that EV's are popular, they're turning this turd of a brand into expensive EV's only because they can charge tons of money for them. Anyone who buys one of these has clearly likes being brainwashed by this company. GM is a soulless company and I would rather take public transit than buy one of their vehicles.

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