2022 VW ID4 GTX: the ID4’s sportier AWD twin…

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The new GTX version of the ID4 is basically the sports version. With AWD. Which wasn’t available in the “regular” ID4.
The GTX has a total of 295HP from 2 motors. Vs 200 for the regular version with a single motor. 
While the GTX will not be sold in the US, we will be getting an AWD option for the ID4 pretty soon.
On another note, I know VW has very high hopes for their EVs over here. But it seems there is still quite a widespread feeling of resentment over the “Dieselgate” scandal in the US. On top of this, VW has a long history of being known as an unreliable brand. With tons of well-known electrical/electronic problems.
Which is, oddly enough, very different from their image in Europe.
I really think they will have a very hard time in the US convincing people that they are now a different company. Buying an electric car from a company known for electric problems is still a huge step for many…

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  1. I drove the ID.4 last month feeling positive about the build quality, materials, and driving dynamics. It was also very comfortable. The only drawbacks were that the navigation had a difficult time locating the closest charging station. And the touch control operations required a bit of a learning curve; it needs to be more intuitive. Some reviewers also said charging the ID.4 had a few glitches in operating it.
    I would consider one of these if they addressed those issues.

    This car has a lot of potential for being an excellent car.

  2. I thought of the exact electrical reputation problem when Jaguar introduced their EV….
    The Volkswagen name carries such a huge variety of Baggage – I'd hate to be in their marketing department

  3. This upgraded GTX still has worse specs than the Mach-E and Model Y. Slower acceleration, lower range, smaller battery, worse infotainment screen/setup.

  4. Has VW fixed their burned out headlight issue yet? I don't think so. I still cars up to maybe 2017-18 with out headlights.

    Garbage brand, especially for what they charge.

  5. My wife’s VW Tiguan is now 11 years old and has always been great to drive; sort of a GTI on stilts. But it’s had a series of electrical glitches, the most recent being a driver’s seat that moved itself all the way back and refused to budge. The Tiguan spent more than two weeks at the dealer before the cause was finally diagnosed and remedied (with the embarrassed service department comping most of the cost). She loves the car and perhaps because of VW’s bad rep the resale is in Kars for Kids territory so we’ll hold onto it until its next seizure. But trust these guys to build something that’s nothing but electrical systems and software? I think not.

  6. Does anyone know how many tons of broken window regulators with VW stamped into them are now in the landfills of the world?

  7. I can't quite put my finger on it.. but whenever I look at this vehicle, I imagine its assembly quality to be akin to one of those tire-pumps you plug into your cigarette lighter. You know, the little blow-molded plastic ones with the wadded-up cord and really flimsy psi gauge?

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