Audi A6 E-Tron Concept: a look inside…

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The only thing I have seen (so far) about the new Audi E-Tron A6 concept interior is the official illustration above.
From what we see here, it looks like a drastic departure from their current trend. As the new A3 has a very angular and super busy interior. This is just super simplistic. Almost Tesla-like. But classier.
I know it is difficult to judge from a sketch, but Audi ash already said the Concept is about 95% of what the production car will be. And I bet the same goes for the interior.

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  1. I like the exterior design a lot.. but we've seen it before from KIA. If you squint, you will see the KIA Stinger.. down to the rear lights and rear side marker.. this Audi could be the V2 of the KIA Stinger.

    the interior looks super clean and simple, interesting that they are moving forward with rearview cameras and screens at the edges of the dashboard vs mirrors. Wonder what the fuel savings are just from that plus less noise.

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