Audi A6 e-Tron concept: one good looking Audi…

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This all-new concept from Audi looks like it is heading straight for the Tesla Model S.
And I think it looks great!
Let’s hope the interior is as pure and modern as the exterior. Also from the same, it seems it could actually be a preview of the next A6? Or will the next A6 be only offered as an EV. Already?
More very soon…


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  1. The only problem with Audi is when it comes to converting a concept design into the production version, the same old design (that they have been using for the last 40 years) comes back.

  2. Granted I haven't seen this in person nor do I know if it's even real… but I'd be curious to see a version where there isn't so much attention focused on the lower sill/running board area. Seems a bit massive next to the dainty feeling cast by many of the other elements. It's as if the light-catcher was hungering for a life beyond a mere fillet in a door and wanting to slowly gobble up the lower-third of the car. Also, isn't it time for Audi to reinvent their face? I mean, besides borrowing the Golf R front lower fascia resolution, they've yet to come up with something beyond the "decal on surface" feeling of their tired hexagonal shield and rectangle shapes.

  3. Wondering what happens to the A7 if the A6 becomes an actual hatchback.. which this certainly looks to be.

  4. Remove the Audi elements (grille and emblem) and this could be from any manufacturer. Looks nice, mostly inoffensive (please tone down the rockers), derivative at best. I don't get it.

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