Chevrolet Tahoe: test drive coming up…

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 I have been driving a new Chevrolet Tahoe RST Diesel for a while. And will report on it in a few days. 

So far, the engine is pretty great (The same one I test drove last year on the pick-up) But the rest of the truck is pretty much the same as it’s been for many years…

Feel free to ask any questions you might have about this $67 000 beast.

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  1. How does the size compare to the last gen? I really liked it, even if it was a little large and I'm intimidated by the substantial growth.

  2. Only about 5 inches longer than the previous one. Already so big it's hard to tell. Depends where you live, but it is a huge pain to drive around in the city…
    The 3-row seat is roomier thanks to the new suspension. Otherwise if really doesn't feel "new".

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