Lincoln Zephyr Reflection Concept: all-new Lincoln sedan coming up…

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If there is one thing I never expected on this planet, it is a new Zephyr sedan from Lincoln…
But, as part of the ever-important “expect the unexpected” life lesson, here is the new “Lincoln Zephyr Reflection Concept.”
Apparently, this is, again, “designed solely for the Chinese market”. Which really can mean anything. It can mean we’ll never see this in the US, or they’ll change the headlights and it’s coming over.
As you can see, this is very close to a real car. And a production version is actually coming next year. 
Not sure yet, but that grille looks like it is an EV. Or at least one version will be electric. Also not sure what it is based on. Since there is no way Ford is creating a new platform for a new Lincoln sedan.
I posted the photo of the new Ford Evos to compare it with the Zephyr interior. And they do look closely related, don’t they?
As for the design, I really like the idea of a Lincoln sedan. But this looks very derivative. It just looks a lot like other cars, with a Lincoln grille. I see a Genesis G80, the Audi A6 e-Tron, Lexus ES to name a few.

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  1. This looks HOT. Why does China get all the good stuff now?

    Bring it over as Model 3 EV, could do very well.

  2. This is without a doubt the most attractive Lincoln sedan ever. Thoroughly modern interior design also. Even the front design is a welcome improvement and evolution.

  3. Good call Vince, I also see a lot of BMW CSi in front end and the the trunk—kina of like they added rear doors.

  4. Wow. Terrible day to be a Ford/Lincoln fan. 2 new China only models. All we get is the Ford Maverick fake truck.

  5. There are elements I like here but I do think the grille looks a bit flat/generic and the interior loses the midcentury modern vibe that sets Lincoln apart. I wish they had found a way to keep that theme with the large screens.

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