Mazda CX-3- EV: surprise…

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This electric version of the Mazda CX-30 comes as a total surprise to me. I don’t have any info on this yet. 
only that it will be, so far, a unique model for the Chinese market. And that it looks really weird. I guess they had to raise the whole thing up to fit the battery pack under the floor Something the CX-30 was not designed for in the first place.
More on this soon…

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  1. The CX-30 is already a raised Mazda 3. This looks like a monster truck wannabe. For North America? I hope not.

  2. That is odd. Did they really just bolt on a battery pack under the regular CX-30 and then jack up the suspension?!

  3. it looks like one of those minivan conversions that allow a full size wheelchair to be wheeled into them.. proportions completely off, everything back of the C pillar looks like it belongs on a much smaller car… Mazda CX30 seen through a funhouse mirror is what this is

  4. I thought the CX-30 shared a platform with the MX-30 which itself is also comes as an EV. What the heck is this?!!!

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