2021/22 VW Teramont/Atlas: another new VW interior…

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The VW Teramont is the Chinese version of our Atlas. It came out before the Atlas, in 2016.
Our Atlas Cross Sport is called Teramont X over there. 
While both the Teramont and Atlas got a few changes for 2021, the Chinese model also got a heavily revised interior. (top pix) And it is a huge improvement over the lame interior the US Atlas has had all these years. (bottom) The whole console is also new. (Hard to tell about the doors from these photos…)
Again, this is a case of VW spending more cash to satisfy Chinese customers and offer them a much more updated model. 
Over here, it seems the “good enough” motto is still VW’s business model for the US market.
I always thought the Atlas interior was bad, but this makes it even worse…


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