2022 BMW 2 series Coupe: new pix…

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The upcoming new BMW 2 series coupe for 2022 looks really good in these new camouflaged photos. 
It basically looks exactly like a BMW coupe should. With strong, elegant RWD proportions.
The shape also seems pleasantly simple. Which is now unusual for BMW… 

These are spy shots from last year. Showing the same 2022 2 series coupe.
As you can see, although the general shape is quite nice and clean, BMW found a way to add some weirdness to it. 
I guess they can’t help it. If they can’t put a huge disproportionate grille, they will add a bunch of crappy-looking trim to the design anyway.
The side vents on the front bumper… The lower part of the rear one. This is just way too overdone.
Maybe it’s just the “sportier” version?
 A more basic model could look better?

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  1. Sees the proportions in the camo'd pictures: "Wow, that looks really nice!" Sees the uncovered photos: "Nevermind"

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