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I think the new Ford Evos looks pretty nice. In a weird way, it is a modern version of the Honda Crosstour. Which, along with the Acura ZDX, was ahead of its time.
There is still a lot going on upfront. Scoops, black plastic crap, etc… But in that last pic, the 3rd version from the top looks better IMO. The black roof doesn’t seem to work on this car. This one also seems to have less of that plastic stuff.
Of course, Ford has said the Evos wasn’t coming here. (exactly what they used to say about the Ranger Pick-up). But it has been caught testing in the US. And I think they will modify it a bit, give it another name and bring it over.
As the long-rumored “Fusion replacement”.


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  1. The rear end looks like an evolution of the Fusion. The ZDX and Crosstour were slightly ahead of their time, about 10 years off.

  2. Could be a very good Model Y competitor! Hyundai's Ioniq 5/Kia EV 6 are crossovers with sedan styling. The Evos could fit in very nicely.

  3. In function, maybe like the Crosstour, but the Evos looks way better than the Crosstour. No comparison.

  4. Wow, I surprisingly don't hate this, haha. In fact, it looks really slick to me. Something about the proportions of this raised "4-door coupe" is a lot cleaner and more elegant than the X6 and GLC/GLE coupes.

  5. Small tweaks to the front and rear ends and this thing could easily be an ICE Mustang-branded 4-door for markets where "Mustang" has pent up brand equity. Mustang Evos has a nice ring to it…

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