2022 Ford Fusion/Mondeo: new spy shot…

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We have seen the all-new Ford Evos for China a few weeks ago. And Ford has claimed the model will not be sold outside of China. 
And yet, it is still testing in Europe (above) as well as in the US. Looking exactly the same…
They did the same thing years ago with the Ranger. Claiming over and over that it was only for foreign markets. And yet, it ended up here a few years later. Same thing again with the small Ecosport. We were not going to have that either…
I think we will be getting a version of the Evos. Probably called the Mondeo “something” in Europe and Fusion “something” here. (Or maybe Mustang “something”???) 
And it probably will be a hybrid-only offering.
The Evos looks very nice and even though it has a more “coupe” roofline, it would be a welcome competition to the Subaru Outback. Something stylish for a change.
Plus, a good hybrid version (Or even a PHEV) could be very attractive to many.


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  1. The model in the picture in the Spy Tests It is not a Crossover coupe like the Ford Evos model in China !! I noticed the shape that keeps it from the previous generation Ford Mondeo 4 sedan or 4×4 cross guard sedan such as Volvo s 60 Cross sedan! Lol !!

  2. This looks more like a sedan version of the Evos. Yeah the front end is the same, but the side profile looks more like a sedan. It would make sense for China to get a Ford sedan, since they are getting the new Lincoln sedan as well. I still think totally eliminating sedans in the US is a mistake.

  3. The rear of this looks a little flatter than the Evos we've seen thus far. Looks like a sleaker sedan/fastback version.

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