2022 Genesis G70 Shooting Brake: no surprises…

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After so many spy shots and illustrations for so long, the new 2022 Wagon version of the Genesis G70 doesn’t surprise anyone. It’s fine…

The horrible red interior and black wheels don’t help either (Tt’s just a personal taste…). As everything has to be introduced as super sporty these days. 

Specs are the same as the sedan. And, for some odd reason, Genesis didn’t provide any official photos of the new cargo area. Which is the point of a wagon (???)

So far, this is apparently for Europe only.

Are you as underwhelmed by this as I am?


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  1. don't mind the red interior, at least they have some color compared to the boring German sedans which are mostly a sea of black, and greys.. kind of like Batman in the Lego Movie "I only wear black and very dark grey"

    I like what Genesis is doing, look at the configurator of the upcoming GV70, they have a lot more color for their interiors (purple, red, navy) and offer some matte exterior colors..

    I do like the shooting brake version of the G70, I would definitely consider this over the regular sedan. but for these guys to survive, they MUST have some sort of electrification, even a mild hybrid is better than the ICE

    and one major glaring issue – just like on the G70 sedan, the shooting brake does not have a provision for a roof rack. no mounting points or rails. that will be an issue in EU… how does one mount a rooftop box for skis/snowboards?

  2. Not underwhelmed at all. I think this is fantastic. Surprised they stuck with the 2 litre engine when the rest of Genesis has moved on to the 2.5.

  3. I actually really like it… would rather have it over a freaking BMW clone… the tail lights are what i like… remind me of something cinematic… or its my herb…. but i do enjoy it

  4. To Adrian. I will never buy a sedan with mail slot trunks. "They" designed them that way, and people like Vince complain and wonder why everyone buys SUVs and SUVs.

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