2022 Honda Civic Hatchback: new illustration…

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The top picture is a new illustration of the upcoming Hatchback version o the 2022 Honda Civic.
And it does look pretty good. Except it doesn’t match exactly the patent designs that leaked a few months ago. 
Especially the real lights/spoiler area. Otherwise, it shows a good-looking car.

These previously posted pix do look closer to the real thing. (At least from the patent shots)

No matter what, the hatchback could end up much more attractive than the sedan. And again, Honda should offer the hybrid powertrain! (But they won’t…)

(Thanks to a reader for the new illustration!)

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  1. Why cant this be offered with AWD?
    Why don't we hear anything about the US-spec HR-V?
    Whatever happen with the Honda EV Sport?

    I'm getting a bit frustrated.

  2. Liking that gray illustration. I do still think the hatch will be the looker of the Civic lineup. Can't say the same about the 10th gen.

  3. Another boring, conservative cookie cutter Honda design. At this point in the game Honda should be bringing its A game. Instead, Honda is bringing its B game. There are far better options like the Mazda3 Sport or even the Corolla Hatchback that looks a millions times better than this turd.

  4. why do you think honda won't offer a hybrid powertrain? that should be a no brainer. the accord and cr-v has it. the vezel has it so the hr-v should as well. and the insight is basically a civic hybrid.

  5. Ugh, the illustration looks SO much better than the patent images. And that's how it SHOULD look. Honda went way too bland with this generation. This is a handsome mid 2010s car. The competition is spearheading forward with fresh designs while Honda is spinning its wheels.

    Disappointed with this generation so far.

  6. i'm going to enrage everyone and admit i like the new hatchback style!
    Reminds me somewhat of some Audis.

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