2022 Honda Civic: the lighter interior color…

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So far, I had only seen photos of the black interior for the new 2022 Honda Civic sedan.
These pix show what the new interior looks like with the light beige/cream option. (I am personally not a fan of black interiors in general)
I think it does look quite nice. Although I have to admit, the new interior with the chrome vents and glossy black plastic trim might actually look better in black…
But as far as I know, Honda doesn’t give you a choice of interior color. You get what comes with the exterior color you pick. It also depends on the trim you get. 
Which usually sucks…

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  1. I love the brighter cabin, which gets me excited to hop in a car and go for a drive. Thankfully, Honda is stepping up it's game and hopefully it rolls over to Acura in greater detail.

  2. I’m a fan of lighter interiors, especially living in Florida. My Soul and Cherokee are both black inside which is annoying.

  3. Having a black leather interior in North Carolina in July at 80% humidity at 100 degrees really, REALLY sucks.

  4. I still can't understand this cheap mix of charcoal (dashboard), or even some brushed aluminium accents, and beige. Why don't they mix it with chocolate brown, or black dashboard? With copper or wood accents? These cost cutting mix are also found in Audi cars… Charcoal mix with light gray, like in some Buicks , work so much better.

  5. Kudos to Honda for keeping buttons and knobs instead of using acres of piano black with touch controls on it, like Hyundai. And it still looks very modern.

  6. The interior is quite nice…a return to Honda classic. It's a shame that it's let down by the face.

    As the classic 80's punk band The Monks once said….nice legs, shame about the face

  7. It's crazy just how much more luxurious the Mazda 3 and Nissan Sentra's interiors look versus the rest of the segment. They really raised the bar!

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