2022 Honda Civic sedan: how about more pix…

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I think this might end up looking just fine in real life.
The new 2022 Civic is being introduced to the press, and we will be seeing a lot more of it. Very soon.
Once again, I have repeat myself over and over, I am really waiting for the new hatchback version.
Which will look more like an Audi A5 than the current Civic hatchback.
Still too bad about the small old timey small sunroof and the tablet…


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  1. It seems like they are at least trying to have a cohesive style across their models. This new Civic has similar styling to the new HR-V and CR-V – more upright windshield, longer hood, blunt nose.

  2. The Straight Pipes You Tube channel reviewed one, still under embargo though. It looks so much like a Subaru to me. Inoffensive for sure, which had to be the main goal since the 10th gen Civic looks way more modern imo. I still don't like it at all. Perhaps the hatch will change that for me, especially the Si and Type R.

  3. By making this design less attractive to juveniles, Honda has the opportunity to move the Accord upmarket. Good move.

  4. "Another boring design" says every psychological child everywhere.

    It could use a bigger sunroof.

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