2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5: the US version…

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Hyundai has released pix of the US version of the new Ioniq 5 EV.
Quite interesting to see the few differences…
The most obvious is the amber side turn signals upfront. Which actually kinda ruin the simplicity of the original design offered overseas. 
At least on these pictures. (Maybe it’s not lit up all the time?)
Not much else is different. US versions of foreign cars used to have mandatory larger bumpers. But these regulations have been gone for a long time. And the US Ioniq 5 seems to have the now usual “super small useless bumpers” all cars have these days. 

At least it doesn’t look bad…

Specs are similar to what they’ve announced earlier. And US pricing is still a mystery…

Which will be key to its success.

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  1. it's weird: that front orange side marker DOES stick out and changes the overall "look". The EU model is simpler and more "pure"

    the lower fascia treatment with the horizontal lines is not great, nor is the jagged/arrow-shaped folds in the side profile/doors. This car would be simpler and cleaner without that side treatment.

    Interesting swirls shape on the fenders around the wheels… wonder if it adds to the aerodynamic efficiency by creating vortices.

    ..last but not least. The lack of bumpers is just dumb. Proper bumpers (even 2.5mph ones) would break down the vertical blandness of the car AND offer protection.

    overall.. it reminds me of an early 1980s hatch, VW Golf, Hyundai Excel, etc. Make it simpler and PRICE IT RIGHT (LOW!)

  2. Looks like a hatch/sedan, but I saw a photo of this and was surprised it has a ride height like that of the Model Y/Volvo XC60.

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