2022 Kia Sportage: a look inside…

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The seats and doors are usually not the most fascinating parts of a car interior. So there you go.
 Now we can all rest easy. As the cars and doors of the 2022 Kia Sportage look OK. They’re not terrible… 


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  1. Perhaps with different color combinations, such as brown with black might amp up the interior appeal. As for the exterior, it will look interesting and will cater to a select bunch of people at first. Remember when the Juke came out and later it became their number one seller, the same will happen with this model.

  2. The Juke was far from being Nissan's number one seller. In its best year, 2014, it sold 39 305 units in the US.
    While they sold over 335 000 Altimas that same year.

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