2022 Mazda CX-50: new illustrations…

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These new illustrations of the upcoming 2022 (or 23?) Mazda CX-50 looks pretty realistic to me.
They also look really close to the real thing I posted a while ago.
Even under that camouflage wrap, you can already tell a lot.
Like the huge black plastic fender trim. The lights. The fake vents above the rear bumper. 
It’s all there. Although small details like the chrome trim around the rear side window trim seems bit different in the illustrations. 
All in all, I am a bit disappointed. By both. I was expecting more from this all-new Mazda based on an all-new RWD platform.
At least from these pix, it still seems like a FWD car. The super thick fender trim doesn’t look good on the CX-30, and it won’t look better on the CX-50.
So far, this just looks like a blend of CX-30 and the MX-30 EV. Not like an original design at all.
Let’s hope the real thing looks better when it comes out… I think it will.


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  1. I'm interested in seeing how they will price this since this is the first compact non-luxury vehicle in decades. The 4Runner isn't a compact, so I'm not counting that.

  2. They needed to seize this opportunity to reinvent that tired, schmooey styling language. A real bummer. I mean.. a rumored inline 6 and RWD! This is kind of unheard of nowadays. Please Mazda, be the inspiration the industry needs and "reimagine" to pilfer a nauseating term.. your styling language. I think this is just a refreshed CX-9 to be honest.

  3. Lol, 🤷‍♂️. I also believe that the CX-5 will be much more attractive when officially unveiled. However, this illustration probably has alot of the design elements really close.

  4. Whoever did the render did a good job and respected all the details that can be seen in the camouflaged prototype. But as for the black fenders it illustrated a two levels boxy design that is different from that of the prototype. The camo one is smoother and well integrated.The headlights will also be better if we compare the real. So I hope will be a nice new Mazda Suv as usual well build and refined.

  5. hhhmmm….i think it looks great! More boxy-square-maculine.
    Are the top two photos really just illustrations? Getting harder for me to tell the difference between them and real life photos.
    -For example, is that a design on the doors that will make it to production or a reflection off the beach surface?

  6. Good move Mazda. Better late than never. More power, less noise, good looking quality interiors, RWD, and you are almost there. Now, if you can expand the warranty to match Japanese premium brands, you have arrived. I will be a buyer. This new CX-50 looks slightly bigger than current CX-5.

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