2022 Nissan Frontier: on its way…

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It looks like the first deliveries of the new 2022 Nissan Frontier are on their way? Although Nissan has announced the truck would be available “late summer”.

While I am not a truck person at all, I can see this being quite popular. Since it is newer than all of is competition. And does have that classic trucky look most classic/conservative truck buyers seem to be after. 

This could also be really bad news for the “truck wannabe” Honda Ridgeline. 

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  1. i saw a few Youtube reviews and read a few online articles of this new Frontier ( mostly exterior/interior reviews/no actual roadtests) and the truck looks very good. I could see going back to this compact/midsize pickup from my current compact suv.
    – it has that boxy rugged look you mentioned, simple efficient dashboard layout, the new engine is stronger /smoother/bit more efficient.
    -the only downside of going back to a pickup truck is like when i had a then new 1991 Nissan Hardbdy pickup truck: Magically you hear from friends/relatives & neighbors who normally barely ever call you .
    – ''Heyyyyy budddyyyy! watchoo doooing next saturday??? Nothing? Cool. Can you help me move with your truck?''. Or they bought big ass new furniture, appliance, need top soil for their garden.
    – maybe i should buy a moped or a Vespa.

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