2022 Smart SUV: another try…

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It looks like Smart will be jumping into the SUV bandwagon soon.
From the teasers above, as well as the sketches, it could end up looking quite attractive.
While we will be seeing it later this year, the production version could still be a year, or even 2, away. 
And of course, it will be an EV. Which is what the whole Smart brand should have been for a long time.
The electric range is rumored to be up to over 400 miles in the Chinese test cycle.
The new model will be based on a Chinese Geely platform and built in China.
Which is the result of a 2019 deal between Geely and Daimler.

The new SUV will not be Smart’s first 4 door car. The unpopular 1st generation ForFour model was produced from 2004 to 2006. It was based on a 2003 Mitsubishi Colt. 
Then revived in 2014 as a Renault Twingo clone. 

They also tried to design an SUV version of the 1st generation ForFour in 2005. Which was never produced. 

I think Smart could end up having a hit with the new EV SUV. The timing is perfect. And so far, it looks quite attractive.  Too bad they’re not selling cars in the US anymore…

Maybe the new model could be distributed through a few Mercedes dealers? It would basically compete here with the Mini Countryman. And offer Mercedes a cheaper model.


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  1. And no US Spec FIAT 500 e, a stupid idea not to have it here. They finally made it look right and comfortable. And Italian made.

  2. The SUV concept would have even be related to the GLK of the same era (the short front overhang is a tell tale sign for the RWD platform) , so it would have been quite large for a Smart.

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