2022 Toyota Land Cruiser: a look inside…

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It looks quite busy and a bit all over the place inside the next generation 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser.
And yet, with all that stuff, I can’t see a regular round volume knob…
But I see what looks like a good old CD player! 
Since the new Land Cruiser will not make it to the US, I am not sure what market this interior is for. Probably a planet where they haven’t discovered MP3s and streaming music yet. 
(Thanks to a reader for these)

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  1. It doesn't have a knob, it has up and down switches, located right below the center air vent on the left.

  2. Correct there is no volume knob – you can see volume buttons on the left side of the row of silver buttons horizontally in the middle.

  3. At least they haven't caved to the buttonless salmonella-screens that many others are doing to save costs.

  4. i believe that no… that is not a cd player… in fact… much worse… its the navigation CD…. which means that even though its a touch flat screen it's still the same ole Navigation setup from 2013… just sayin

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