2022 VW Jetta: small changes…

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By “small changes” I mean “very” small changes. As you can see on the spy shots above, the Jetta is getting a mid-cycle revision for the new year. And it will still look pretty much the same.
Except for some rearranging of light patterns and chrome bars on the grille. Maybe more in the lower part of the bumper.
Otherwise, it will probably get the slightly larger and newer 1.5 Liter engine from the new Taos. Which would make sense. 
The current Jetta is still an attractive sedan. They still managed to sell over 90 000 of them last year. Which isn’t that much less than the newer Nissan Sentra (94 645). I guess it is still worth the investment of new lights and grille…


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  1. Sentra outsold the Jetta? Sad times indeed considering the Golf was killed off. Jetta sales are pretty abysmal.

  2. They need to bring back the rear amber turn signals that they took away for 2020/2021. They made the brake lights do the work with a red blank space where the amber turn signals used to be.

  3. This is NOT the US Jetta, this is the Chinese Sagitar, which has a longer wheelbase and is a more premium product. The Sagitar has a long 2-piece panoramic sunroof (seen in the spy photo) rather than the US short/wide one piece sunroof. The Sagitar also has fully-chromed window trim, as pictured here. The Sagitar also has mostly red taillights unique to China that are very similar to the ones in this facelift but different from the US. Also, the plates on the spy photo are China+sized. This isn't the US Jetta facelift. We might get the updated grille with the light bar in the middle, but I doubt the other changes will apply to the US Jetta. IF the Jetta gets new taillights, they probably won't be these. And we won't see the long wheelbase or the long 2-piece sunroof here.

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