2022/23 Mazda CX-50: new photos…

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From what we can see so far, the all-new Mazda CX-50 will look pretty familiar. It will keep most of the current CX-5’s design language. With a little bit of the MX-30 thrown in.
And you can already see the huge black plastic wheel cladding similar to the CX-30. You know, the ones everybody hates. For some reason, Mazda refused to listen to anyone and decided we are all wrong. 
The new CX-50 will replace the CX-5. And will be based on an all-new RWD platform. A new 3.0 Liter Inline 6 cylinder will be an option.
The whole package could be one of the most attractive in its segment. If they can keep the whole thing affordable… And if all that black plastic doesn’t look too goofy on a more expensive model.


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  1. The front is now tilted forward, the whole impression is now more truck. The cladding mudguards are not necessarily made of raw plastic. They could be colored like the bodywork. Overall a beautiful design

  2. Exactly how are we seeing "black plastic cladding?" I don't see any at all, at least until the substantial camo comes off. No way of knowing for certain it won't be monochrome on the CX-50 though. I will reserve my judgment until I actually see it, but it looks promising so far to my eyes.

  3. We just bought a 2021 CX-5 and I’m obsessed with it. Glad to see for the most part that the next gen is sticking with a similar design, but also glad we got one that doesn’t have the ridiculous cladding around the wheels!!

  4. I don't see this as better looking than the current model.. especially the greenhouse shape, which looks to be lifted directly from the BMW X3. I miss the upward curving quarter windows, and do they really need a pillar in the rear door glass? The taillights seem unnecessarily fussy as well. Seems like a huge stylistic step backwards.

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