2023 Honda Civic Type R: new illustrations…

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These illustrations seem pretty realistic. Showing how crappy, once again, the Civic Type R will look. With the usual assortment of fake scoops, wings, and skirts.
But I think it also gives us a good idea (if you can see through the Type R crap) of what the hatchback version of the 2022 Civic will look like.
I think the hatch version of the new Civic could end up being a very nice surprise.
As I mentioned before, a hybrid version of the hatch would make a great replacement for the invisible Insight. (They sold less than 16 000 of them last year!)
Honda’s great hybrid powertrain deserves better. ( I averaged 51 City/45Hwy in my week test drive!)  The Insight is a really good car. But no one knows about it. 
Honda really needs to make their hybrid an option on the Civic again. 


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  1. Honda really needs to flush the Insight name once and for all.. the first one was a revelation, with cute CR-X styling and amazing MPG. The second was a Prius also-ran on a much smaller platform that was invisible in the marketplace and wasn't very insight-ful at all. Then they chose to separate the great-selling Civic Hybrid from the rest of the Civic lineup with a dumbed-down, simpler-styled version and called it Insight.. just as Toyota decides to put the Prius powertrain in everything from the Corolla to the Sienna. Now that the Civic has also simplified its look, what could they do to make the next Insight even more anonymous? It just needs to be a Civic Hybrid again.

    Oh, and I think the Type R renderings look 1000x better than the current one, even with all the extra crap trim!

  2. Wow, interesting that this shows what the Civic would have looked like had the fake vents remained on the current model.

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