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The 2023 Subaru Solterra will be Subaru’s 1st EV. And is being “developed” with Toyota.
In this case, “developed with…” is code for “they’re the same car”.
As you can see from the teaser above compared to the Toyota BZ4X, the 2 cars are much more than just similar. They are basically the same car. Just like the Toyota 86GT and Subaru BRZ.
Which is, of course, pretty sad.
Selling a version of Toyota’s EV is not really Subaru’s best way to enter the EV market. It is, however, the cheapest way to do it, of course.
But I am not sure selling Toyota clones is the best long-term strategy for the brand. This should have at least looked like a Subaru.
Do Subaru buyers really want a Toyota?


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  1. Do you have any inkling on how small Subaru is? All I know they are not in the top 20. 665,000 units world wide according to Wiki. They are a tiny major car company. If they followed you, they'd be out of business.

  2. Essentially the same as the Toyota just with a different plastic pieces on the front air intake. What's the big deal for Subaru to have such a narcissistic ad like that.

  3. I don't understand why Subaru and Toyota are making carbon copy cars. That type of badge engineering is what the Detroit automakers used to do (still do on some models). And they got a lot of flack for it over the decades.

  4. It looks like the "designers" got their "inspiration" from a crumpled up piece of paper. My eyes hurt.

  5. I actually think this works better as a Subaru, and a great look for their target market. We'll see if it brings in new buyers, but I'm sure there are a ton of current Subaru Owners who want to go electric, but aren't stepping anywhere near a Tesla showroom.

  6. Hopefully the design of the Subaru will be a littlebit more edgy, and sporty.
    The colebration with Toyota is on the battery, powertrainside. The 4wd system is developed by Subaru, and will be unstoppable as their previos models.
    Subaru (FHI) is not as small as everybody think, but now Toyota has bought a part of it. Toyota is also knoown for quality, so I cant see the problem here?
    Go SUBARU.
    Regards Fredrik
    Warranty manager
    Subaru Norway.

  7. Based on the slightly toned-down headlight shape, I'm hoping the details that Subaru is hiding in dark shadows in the teaser will also include smoother bodyside panels without all those needless creases atop the door sills and along the sides. However, it is clear the greenhouse will be identical.

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