2022 Kia K900: new photos…

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Even though it does look much better, the 2022 Kia K900 is not all new.
From the spy shots above, it seems the photos are of a long-wheelbase model. Ad the current one (white car) does look a bit shorter.
Otherwise, it seems like a great-looking update. even though the new grille seems pretty uninspired. 
Just a deeper slab of chrome.
As we already know, this will not make it over here since the K900 was discontinued for the US. But you can still grab a slightly used one at a great price. And it is probably a fantastic car for the money…
(thanks to a reader for this!)

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  1. Still looks boring. I dont know why they didnt make the design better from the 1st generation that was stupid.
    What is the point of 60k boring sedan in 2021? If you know sedans are dying why make a boring 60k sedan?

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