Honda N7X Concept: Vs. next-generation CR-V…

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I am not saying the new Honda N7X concept is the next CR-V. But it looks pretty close…
The new N7X concept is previewing a new 7 seater model for the Indonesian market. (And probably India as well.)
While the next CR-V will not seat 7, the concept’s design looks pretty close to the CR-V prototype caught a few weeks ago. Even though they do look similar, the N7X is based on the smaller Honda City. So it is probably quite a bit smaller than the CR-V.
Still, it might give us a preview of what the next CR-V will look like. 
I really hope the next CR-V turns out to be more interesting. Although Honda might pull a “2022 Civic” and make the next generation even more conservative. Looking like this concept. Which would be sad…

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  1. I think the CRV proportionally, even under the camo is way different than the N7X concept.which is a good yhing imo. The N7X looks like a Honda Tiguan.

  2. This is actually, the second generation of the Honda BR-V, a small (sub compact) 7 seater sold in some Asian markets and in Mexico for several years now. The one sold in Mexico is made in India. Regards!!!

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