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This seems to be in the US, showing the US version of the 2022 Mercedes EQS. Looing fine. Parked next to a Tesla Model S.

I think the EQS could be a hit for Mercedes. If priced right. Or not? If it starts at $100 000 it will be $20 000 more than the Model S. Should a Mercedes be that much more? It will have a longer range. But that might be only on even more expensive versions. And from what we have seen it is quite roomier inside than the Model S. And much more upscale…


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  1. If your $20,000 price target over the Tesla Model S is accurate, remember two things: Tesla just substantially increased Model S pricing, and the Mercedes will qualify for the $7500 government incentive.

  2. That picture makes it look like a Civic crossed with a Chrysler 200. Lazy exterior design. Cool interior though.

  3. Haven’t seen anything suggesting EQS will have a longer range than Tesla S’s 400+. But I have seen reports that it will start under $100K. Hard to guess what price delta will be with Model S since Elon has moved it up and down repeatedly. And Tesla price is pretty much all in. Whatever the Merc starts at the bottom line will be much higher once options are factored in. But ultimately for Tesla it hardly matters: the S is a tiny seller like all full size luxury sedans. The real competition for S is 3 and Y.

  4. Too early to know true range – will it have 375-400 miles of range? Don't yet know…

    Also – don't know pricing: Can't imagine it's going to be less than $120k — but we'll see.

    Finally – as we know how Tesla works – they could drop the price of the S by $10k – as they've previously done.

    Going to be very interesting!

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