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Since the current model came out almost 6 years ago, we are starting to see people guessing what the next generation could look like.

I am actually not even sure there will be a next Prius. At least not the way it has been so far. These days, with EVs from everyone, the “hybrid hatchback” idea is an old one. Like many, I really think Toyota should keep the Prius name for something. But that something should really be an EV, or at least, a 100 miles V range plug-in Hybrid.

Something special, like it used to be…

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  1. I have a 7yo Gen 3 2014 Prius IV with the solar sunroof HUD package and 17”wheels. This is by far the best vehicle I’ve ever owned and drive about 18k/ year. I’d certainly entertain another one in a few years when I’m ready to trade! Great car, exceptional reliably, and gas mileage

  2. Wrong. Do what you say, but keep this kind of hybrid around with this name. This is best of both worlds. Dinky trips like now with batteries with no worries for longer ones. If I'm remembering correctly, their plug in Hybrid really jacked the price over the non-plug in.

  3. If anything, they should kill off the regular Prius and keep the Prius Prime. If they could extend the EV range to 60 miles, it would be a no brainer as a daily commuter.

  4. The hybrid Prius is still so important as a steppingstone car. It's the perfect car for someone not ready ready for an EV. It's still the perfect car for people who don't want to deal with range anxiety.It's the best of both worlds.

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