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I know Ford has already said the new 2022 Evos isn’t coming to the US. But it’s really too bad. 
Years ago, they also said the ranger wasn’t coming to the US. And the Ecosport wasn’t for us either. 
So who really knows…
If they see a way to make some money from it, they’ll sell it to us.
I think they should, and offer it as a standard plug-in Hybrid. Something different. 
Even though the front end is super busy, the overall look seems pretty nice for some reason.
Also nice to see a fastback design that is actually a hatchback for once…


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  1. it's nice but how is this different from the Mustang Mach-E? looks like it's the same size and overall shape with a few styling details being different… what's the price point for this thing?

  2. It’s not for the US? Then are they just extending the Escape using the Maverick wheelbase to cover the midsize segment?

  3. Good God. Ford designers ..try editing. That's just a whole lotta everything thrown into one car.
    And I agree that Ford needs to offer hybrids, not just EVs

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