2022 Ford Maverick: huge hit recipe…

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The new Ford Maverick will probably be an instant giant hit for Ford.
It is a genius idea, and very well executed. From a company that knows exactly what their customers want.
I am not a truck person, at all. So this would never be something I would even consider. As far as I am concerned, the Hyundai Santa Cruz is much more attractive and original than this. But again, I am not someone Ford is selling this to. (and the Hyundai will be more expensive)
The size of the Maverick will be very attractive to urban truck lovers. And it does look like a small F-150. Which is a design that around 1 million people love enough to actually purchase every year.
In this case, playing it safe is the right business idea.
On top of this, it comes standard as a hybrid! Which is quite an amazing movie. 
The standard power train is the 2.5 Liter Hybrid /CVT that gets 40 MPG in the city!
And you can still get a 2.0 Liter with an 8-speed auto if you like that better.
The standard model (Hybrid0 starts at $20 000. ($21 500 with destination)
Which is quite an amazing price. While the top of the line Lariat model starts at around $25 000. Which is still great. 
So far, if you want AWD (with rear independent suspension), you’ll have to get the 2.0 Liter. As the Hybrid will be FWD only. At least for now.
Inside, things are pretty straightforward, with a few cool design touches. Like the door panels. And the really cool grey fabric.
I think the interior is actually better than the one in the Bronco Sport. 
No matter what, this has “huge hit” written all over it.
Another great move from Ford.
They really should offer the new fabric on the Bronco Sport. And how about the hybrid?!?!

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  1. A standard Hybrid! Wow! Impressive! We will see a ton of these on the road and I honestly thing this will kill the ranger as this is what most people will need before stepping up to an F-150. Fully loaded at $25k is an absolute steal!

  2. Yeah – huge hit alright. They produced a very nice series of videos on YouTube regarding its development. Well done Ford!

  3. Amazing standard powertrain and value, especially in top trim. Ford won't be able to keep these on the lot.

  4. Yes the standard hybrid is brilliant, but it's not even about YOU. It's about all those businesses with delivery drivers. They will buy that XL trim all day for $20k, and be very happy to save all the gas.

    The Maverick is a slam dunk design. My only question is the orange bits in the XLT interior. What's the point? This isn't Flea Market Flip where we need a pop of color inside a drawer.

  5. I'll buy one for sure.Makes many sense. Fresh air in a bunch of boring and tiny suv at this price!

  6. was super excited for this – mostly due to the price. Then I checked the Canadian price. The base model starts at 25,900 + destination charges etc resulting in a 28k base price. 🙁

  7. AGREED! I was upset as well! – 20,000 USD converts to 24,000 CAD. So why are they charging 26k+ ??? A loaded Lariat is close to 40k here.

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