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This shows pretty much all you need to know about the all-new Ford Maverick.
Even though the Maverick is a fantastic idea, and will be a huge moneymaker for Ford, for my taste (which includes zero need for a pick-up) I would still rather have the new Hyundai Santa Cruz.
I guess I’m just a wimp…

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  1. No, you're not a wimp. You are just someone who doesn't live in the real world, where functionality beats fashion. You are just someone who oohs and aaahs most stuff that comes down the catwalk as long as it is different than the stuff that came down the catwalk last year.

    Fashion is nothing but being able to BS with a straight face successfully. This year do this and say the "Past is done!!!!". Next year say the same thing and it includes last year. Meanwhile in the real world, people run their rides into the ground for a decade or more.

  2. While I would drive a Maverick, I agree with you Vince, I'll take a Santa Cruz first. One thing I like is about the Santa Cruz is the factory retractable bed cover. And the Santa Cruz isn't trying to be a car based truck, it's lifestyle utility vehicle.

  3. Having recently sat in a new Tuscon, I will definitely take the Santa Cruz over the Maverick. 40mpg would be hard to leave behind though. A 20 gallon fuel tank would give you 800 miles on the City cylcle. That is really awe inspiring. Ok, maybe the decision isn't as easy as I thought. Here's hoping the PHEV powertrain of the Tuscon also is available on the Santa Cruz. Then it will be a no brainer.

  4. The 2022 Tucson PHEV will get a 32 miles EV range. Available this summer. The estimated price is $35 000. $4000 less than the Rav-4 PHEV.
    This powertrain would be amazing in the Santa Cruz.

    If the Santa Cruz starts at under the $23 700 Tucson base price, that means the PHEV version could be around $33 000 or less. Which, depending on the state, could add up to a $10 000 tax credit.
    This could mean about $3000 more than the base Maverick?

    Am I crazy???

  5. We've been looking at a Corsair, but may end up with this! We can get a new one much less than a used Corsair as a truck would be convenient and having the hybrid would be great on gas as a commuter. I wouldn't mind having a Ford Focus truck. It doesn't have the DCT and hopefully better door latches this time around. We'd get rid of our nice, but gutless, Cherokee. For being so weak it drinks gas like a V6. The Soul on the other hand is staying until I trade it for a CPO GV70. Having a Stinger based SUV works for me.

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