2022 Kia Sportage: new illustrations…

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These new illustrations of the 2022 Kia Sportage seem very close to the official teasers released just a few days ago.
But they also look quite messy. Just when the teasers looked pretty good, new illustrations still show a weird and heavy-handed design.
Maybe it’s in the details, and the real thing will look much better?
Who knows…
(Thanks to a reader for these)

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  1. I feel the front end design is going to be overspun and it's going to let this otherwise great product down.

  2. I like the Korean model Kia sportage Nq5 4×4 (fifth Generation) I'm glad that it gave up the ugly shape of the SUV Coupe From the previous model the old output / and I'm very happy that it returned to the shape of the Normal Suv as it is and his brother Hyundai Tucson Mk4 normal 4×4 suv with which he shares his platform and engines !! Probably the model that will come on the market from: United States of America !! The continental version Kia sportage Nq5 4×4 will also influence the European model Kia sportage Nq5 4×4 / which will be identical to the American model / but different engines / may receive new CRDI Diesel Engines or new petrol engines or will receive other Gasoline engines like : Hybrid-electric (Green technology) !! We look forward to the premiere when the new kia sportage Nq5 suv will be unveiled !! 😊🤗

  3. Kia's teaser looks better. Fingers crossed that the front end is not bad by looking at the other teasers.

  4. Great job by the illustrator, but I really hope he got the front design wrong. Based on the teaser though, I have a feeling it is more right than wrong.

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