2022 Kia Sportage: Next to a Tucson…

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The title says it all…

Good to see they look so different from each other. But that’s not new. That new Sportage front end is still quite odd. Not really super busy, but it seems pretty heavy-handed.

(Thanks to a reader fro the pic)

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  1. The Tuscan looks like it's smiling.

    The Sportage looks like it smelled something bad and is saying "eeuuww".

    Looks like a 4th rate stylist tried to scale up the new K5 face, and didn't have te skills to do it properly. It just does not not work at all.

  2. Good catch, Patrick! Sadly, I bet the US ends up getting the longer one (to better bridge the gap between Seltos and Sorento).

  3. Saw a test drive vid, I actually like it, quite striking especially when DRLs are lit. Very European design.

  4. The greenhouse on the Sportage (long wheelbase) looks epic. The front is different and odd but at least it's original. I love this new greenhouse

  5. I was walking my dog last night around the 'hood and seen a new white Tuscon parked on the street. Slowed down and got a nice long look at it.
    Actually looks better in person then the online photos suggest. Nice blend of some aggressiveness , looked good from every angle. The rear tail lights looked pretty cool, overall nice stance about it.
    Hyundai/Kia pumping out a ton of nicely styled vehicles lately. Hope their engine/transmission issues go away and they can at least match the level of Toyota/Honda !

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