2022 Lexus NX: maybe better in the flesh…

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I don’t know… Maybe I was expecting a bit more from the all-new Lexus NX for 2022.
It basically looks really close to the current one. After 7 years.
It’s a little less angular. But not as clean as it could have been. With still too many busy looking bits and vents everywhere.
Same thing inside. The screen looks like they tried to integrate it to the dash but somehow couldn’t?
Why don’t they look at how others do it. It can be done. It has been done already.
And the passenger side of the dash is just so plain and unfinished looking.
As for engines, an all new PHEV is available, which is great. 
Lexus does make really good cars, but I’m afraid this is not enough. Especially in the same world as Genesis. Again, maybe this looks better in the flash…

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  1. Yes bit weird they changed so little of the exterior. The interior seems to lack bit personality. But if the PHEV gets close to RAV4 PHEV, it would finally offer an efficient luxury SUV PHEV with a decent range.

  2. (I'm not sure if my first comment came in because I forgot to click "I'm not a robot" if it did disregard this comment) It lost it's muscular lines.

  3. The 1st gen NX, as old as it was, has been a strong seller till the very end. Not surprised at all that Lexus would take an evolutionary approach to the 2nd gen's styling, both inside and out. The real changes are in the platform and powertrains, such as the availability of a PHEV version.

    Yes, we need manufacturers to constantly improve. No doubt. But there is a bit of strategy in balancing cars that will excite the media and cars that consumers will actually buy, and I think Toyota and Lexus have been doing a good job of that lately.

  4. Well here is the first iteration of the Toyota-Mazda collaboration. This NX looks like a mashup of the CX-30's smooth lines with the old NX.

  5. That new side-view isn't easy to behold. It's essentially a Mazda 3 with a pointy boner for a front end.

  6. The interior seems to have lost some interest and warmth – the vibe is now leaning toward "self check-in kiosk."

  7. This effort looks a lot like what they did with the IS last year.. sort of like a complete reskin over the exact same outline. Not impressed at all.

  8. I own a 19 NX and I will say I am a bit underwhelmed with the exterior changes. The styling elements they kept seem odd. The black out surround of the taillight. The wheel arch details albeit they’re body color now. Idk. The interior is a vast improvement. But outside. Looks like a refresh that should have happened 4 years ago. But it’s nice. And hopefully will sell well. Maybe they’re taking the if it’s broke don’t fix it approach?

  9. I think it's an improvement, especially the new infotainment unit. With the exception of the large front overhang, I like the exterior design. Really looking forward to seeing the reviews on the new 2.4T NX350 and the NX450H. Pretty much offers a powertrain for everyone. Lexus will sell the hell out of the new NX. Mark my words

  10. The Lexus NX is just another (fancy) version of the RAV4.. RAV4! for God's sake! Everything from the powertrain, transmission, the CHASSIS, and the dorky FWD proportions. There are all shared with the RAV4! It's such an overrated little SUV for being the "Lexus".

  11. Seems like a lot of the people commenting are idiots. It's all new and not a heavy facelift or reslon. Anything TNGA from Toyota is pretty much all new. Google is your friend to check almost anything, if Vince won't explain it all thoroughly.

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