2022 Lexus NX: more colors and details…

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The new 2022 Lexus NX is a serious case of “the more I see it the more I like it”.
I was quite disappointed at first, but I have to say, I like it much better the more I see it.
Just look at these cool colors! 

Inside, no matter what color you pick, you’re getting a lot of black. No matter what. 
It seems different versions get very different trims. Like the wood or that plastic diamond-looking shape on the door pictured above.
Both a regular sunroof or a double sunroof are offered. 
I was also complaining about the screen that for some reason doesn’t seem integrated into the design, sticking out in a weird way.
But, as you can see, the smaller version of that screen (bottom pic) looks much cleaner.
That smaller 9.8 inches screen is probably large enough anyway.
 And it’s great to see a volume knob. Sorely missing in the new Venza.
I think the standard engine should not have been the 2.5 Liter with 205HP. This is too close to the much cheaper RAV-4. And the competition from the Acura RDX and Buick Envision both come with a Turbo engine standard.
Lexus should have made the new 2.5 Liter Turbo standard. You know that base 2.5 Liter will probably be dropped in a few years…
Good to see a PHEV with a 36 miles range. Which is actually “almost” useful. Plus, with the tax rebates, it might actually not be much more expensive than the regular Hybrid?
Like I said, I do like it more and more. The double sunroof is very nice. Open-pore wood etc.. Although these are probably high-end features that force you to get the larger, 14-inch screen…
I have to say, that interior is very similar to the new Toyota Mirai. Which was probably designed to be a Lexus in the first place…


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  1. If one time, as a test, they reduce the front grill, probably they discover that the sales will increase ten times more

  2. New colors may be bit polarizing, but then again most people will still choose white/black/gray. Would have been nice if they've kept matador red.
    For interior I wished they offered a full beige or gray interior as you mention.

    Not sure why 36 mpg wouldn't be useful enough since for most people it would cover majority of trips. But if not, for long road trips you get a larger range than pure EV's and the 36 mile only adds to that combined range.

  3. Is the new NX larger on the inside since you say it rides on a new chassis? I had a 2018 NX and my major gripe was how small it was inside compared to the 2015 Honda CRV I had. I was always hitting my head getting inside plus the cargo space was tiny! Needed more area for wife wheelchair, got rid of the NX and now have a RDX! RDX much more room and a real drivers car!

  4. One thing I wish they got rid of — the cheap cargo cover that’s connected to the liftgate. I prefer a retractable cargo cover, like in the Venza or RX.

    Speaking of the Venza, will be interesting to see how the two line up in terms of pricing. I don’t think overlap is an issue — both can coexist in the market for those stepping up from a RAV4 or down in size from a Highlander or RX.

  5. not going to lie… the exterior looks more and more like a raised station wagon… so …meh…

    interior… omg… i love it…. gorgeous…. now that they were for sure paying attention too…

    so i think it's safe to say from previous comments, it goes to the last guy… it is just a damn RAV-4……with amazing interior

  6. Better looking than RAV4. And yes, interior looks good. But it is always the driving dynamics that suck with Lexus.

  7. This new cleaner, toned-down design language would have been a lot more impressive if they hadn't released the Venza first..

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