2022 Toyota Corolla Cross: of course…

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This is the US version of the new Toyota Corolla Cross. This is not a surprise, since we have seen the overseas version a few weeks ago. And the US one is the same.
Except we won’t be getting the Hybrid version here Instead, our version only comes with a 2.0 Liter with 169 HP and CVT.
This will be competing with other small SUVs like the Kia Selstos, Mazda CX-30. And especially, the all-new VW Taos. 
To me, this reminds me of older RAV-4s. The current one, like the Honda CR-V, has basically become a mid-size crossover.
The Corolla Sport is actually 10 inches longer than the 2nd generation Rav-4 from the early 2000s.
Too bad about the ridiculously huge grille upfront. Otherwise, it looks OK. As you can see, the dashboard is lifted from the Corolla (bottom pic).
These will be invisible the day they come out…

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  1. I wonder if there will eventually be a Lexus version with more power. I also wonder if this means the death of the Corolla hatch in the U.S. I haven't seen very many.

  2. i think it looks very nice, good size, awd, 169 hp and should get pretty good mpgs .
    Whats a fully loaded Corolla h/b with the 2.0L go for in the USA?
    Probably sell for similar, maybe 1K more because of the awd .
    Broke, but i'd buy one if i could.

  3. Between the Taos and this… I'm not sure. Don't really like any of them. Apparently, the VW is roomy and very comfortable. The boring design could actually last longer. And it doesn't have a stupid-looking huge grille like the Toyota. (And of course, no tablet in the VW either) And you can get a panoramic roof. Which I like a lot.
    On the other hand, I think the VW is overpriced. About $2000 more than the Mazda CX-30. From a far less reliable brand.

    Still, between the VW and Toyota, I would take a chance and pick the VW I guess. If I had to…

  4. Vince, this model will sell a lot. It's a Toyota and with that powertrain the MPG will be great. I definitely would get one but if the prices a just a few thousand difference, I would take the CX50.
    I saw a VW Tiguan in Paris about four years ago and it was really nice in person. Smaller than our version here in the USA.
    I would take the Toyota over the Taos any given day of the week. VW are so unreliable, too many electrical problems and their resale value is really bad too.

    We have to wait for the new Honda HRV too. Specially if they use the current 1.6 turbo being use on the current Civic, that new HRV coming soon, looks nicer than this Corolla Cross. And I bet the powertrain will be quieter too.

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