2022/23 Mercedes SL: almost here…

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These are the best photos we have seen of the all-new generation Mercedes SL. And so far at least, it does look great. 
Since it will be marketed as an AMG, it will be quite sporty. I do wish at least one version could go back to what the older SL used to be. Which was more luxurious than sporty. Maybe they could come up with a “non-AMG” base model. I don’t think all SL buyers want an AMG car…
But no matter what, it’ll be quite a pleasure to see these driving around once they come out…
Mercedes has been coming out with so many new models lately, they’ve almost been as prolific as Hyundai.


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  1. You'd think they'd make it big enough for high profile pro athletes–American, not those little European soccer weenies.

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