2023 Ford Compact EV: new illustration…

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It seems everyone is trying to guess what Ford’s next EV will look like.
This is probably the one based on the VW platform. And the illustration is probably very far off.
I mean, this looks like a Ford Evos front end grafted onto a weird-looking Edge. Which is a past design direction. 
Let’s just hope this is way off. So far, recent Ford models have been all pretty good-looking. And mostly original. With much more personality than this…
Forget I even posted this. Please. 

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  1. Vince, I actually like this design. I would rather not buy a Ford, I am a loyal GM owner. But I do like the design.

  2. Ugh! OK, i understand that the current Civic design is controversial, but fact is: they sold a ton of 'em. So of course, they changed everything. "Honda design" is a real disappointment, maybe even an oxymoron.

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