2023 Ioniq 6: spy shots of the sad reality…

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I have to say, the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV could end up as a huge disappointment…
At least, judging from these new spy shots of the production version. 
So far, the final design looks very different from the Prophecy Concept that was supposed to preview the new EV sedan.
While the concept looked like a Porsche sedan design. the prototype, so far, looks like some non-descript Hyundai sedan…
I know things have to change for production. The Ioniq 5 ended up really close to the 45 Concept EV it was based on (Itself based on various Giugiaro designs from the 70s/80s.)
Still, there could be a bit of hope left for the new Ioniq 6. 
maybe it does look amazing under the camouflage???


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  1. Hyundai must not repeat the design with a droopy side character line over the rear wheel arcs. That was why and how the current Sonata has failed. The droopy line does not integrate with any other part of the design elements. For this new design, the line appears to be drooping even with the window line as well. I can already tell this design will be another disaster. The Porsche design cannot be copied partially. If Hyundai wants to copy the Porsche design they must forklift the entire deign framework.

  2. It's quite obvious the Ioniq 6 isn't going to be anything like the Prophecy concept, but I am still holding out hope that a future EV might.

  3. Fairly sure that's a mule car, had my eye on this as my next car (actually my last car probably) but it it looks like that forget it.

  4. Too much to expect it to look like that concept. To me, that's a potentially really good-looking car judged on its own merits and it looks a lot more appealing that most EVs. I'd be interested.

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