Battle of the 2022s: Rogue Sport, Taos and Corolla Sport…

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With all the recent press stuff about the VW Taos and Corolla Sport, I had almost forgotten about the all-new Nissan Rogue Sport for 2022.
I know, the US version has not been unveiled yet (Nissan is currently busy with the Pathfinder)
Still, we already saw the European version (Quaskai) and our US model will look the same.
And it almost looks futuristic next to the other two (Especially upfront)
As far as looks go, the next Rogue Sport is miles ahead of the VW and Toyota. Both look like they came out a few years ago (The VW actually did. 3 years ago in China)
Inside, the Toyota shares most of its interior with the 2018 Corolla. So not new either.
While the Nissan will be all-new, inside and out.
These small SUVs are all getting quite expensive. The Taos starts at around $24 000, and tops at over $35 000!
These used to be Rav-4/CR-V prices just a while ago. 
Not sure how much the Corolla Sport will be, but that interior, although fine, would be quite a stretch for anything over $30 000.
While the Nissan looks much more upscale. (all photos are of loaded models)
As far as engines, the Taos is said to be quite peppy. While the 2.0 Liter from the Corolla has been getting good reviews as well. The current Rogue Sport uses a 2.0 Liter engine with only 141. Which Nissan really needs to upgrade a bit.
(I’ve read a rumor about a new 1.3 Liter Turbo with 158HP and 25/32MPG)
Otherwise, I really think the Nissan could be a big hit for people actually looking for something different than these boring small boxes we’ve seen lately. (for up to $35 000!!!)


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  1. These new small crossovers aren't even that small. They are just filling in the gap from all the former compacts getting bumped to midsize.

  2. These will be new, but the Seltos is still out there. I’m surprised Hyundai doesn’t have one in the mix yet. Also, what about the larger HR-V which will be a 2022 model?

  3. You know what is really boring? Hanging out at the dealer having your rig being worked on, for stuff that failed a lot earlier than you thought. Now, if you trade rides is less time than you change your underwear, have at it.

  4. The Rogue Sport is looking like the clear winner here both interior and exterior design wise and providing a more premium feel. The Taos interior is nice but I feel the materials are going to feel cheap like its larger brother.

    The Corola will likely be the most reliable, but man is it boring. And what's with that 1997 Plasma TV looking screen with the giant bezel around it.

    Good for Nissan for stepping up their game, their latest interiors feel very premium and far above their prior attempts.

  5. That infinite sad face on the Corolla Sport is so fitting, you know the typical Corolla driver just seem so uninterested in actually driving or doing the speed limit.

    This is where I wish Toyota's weren't so reliable, as you know this sad face will be around to haunt you for the next 20+ years.

  6. Pricing doesn't make any more sense in this size segment. For $30,000 you can get into a nicely equipped Tiguan, RAV4, and CX-5. Plus, the 'smaller models' or 'segment fillers' lack the power that their larger siblings offer. Otherwise, you would only buy one of these for a few pinches of parking space or you don't want to drive all your friends or family around and like the limited space.

  7. The bulldog face on the Toyota is just pathetic. Kudos to Nissan for a nice looking vehicle. The VW design is as boring as their other SUV designs, so at least they're consistent.

  8. i think all three look great, especially more so the Rogue Sport.
    But if i were to pick one for long term commitment and go the ''best bet/safe choice'' route, i'd go with the Corolla Cross.
    I like the normally aspirated 2.0L 4 cyl with 169HP. The CVT does not excite me ( but standard fare these days) and who knows?…maybe Toyota offers the choice of a manual . But doubtful.
    So, sure the Toyota may be the more boring choice to some. Maybe they should photoshop some interesting backgrounds on their Corolla Cross photo press releases.
    Something adventurous that promotes a cool lifestyle if you buy the vehicle.
    A corolla cross on a Martian landscape. With Godzilla fighting a giant, evil, cigar smoking Squid in the background.

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