New Mitsubishi Airtrek EV: first photos…

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The Airtrek is an all-new compact Electric SUV from Mitsubishi. So far, this is mostly for the Chinese market. 
So far nothing is known about the new Airtrek. Although it is rumored to be based on the new Nissan Ariya. Just like the new Outlander is based on the Nissan Rogue. Which does make sense.
The same EV platform will also be used in Europe for the all-new Renault Megane E.

This is a prototype of the production version of the Renault Megane E. Which, of course, will not be sold in the US.

Although the Mitsubishi Airtrek might. Since Mitsubishi is in desperate need of something/anything new.
Although, so far, Mitsubishi’s policy seems to price their new models, like the Outlander, at the same price as the similar Nissan Models. The Outlander costing the same amount as a new Rogue in the US.
And why?
These new Mitsubishi should really be cheaper than their Nissan cousins. That’s what happens when you run your brand name to the ground…


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  1. I despise everything about how this looks. This is one company we really don't need to see survive.

  2. Unfortunately it is rebadged gac motors(chinese brand) aion v. So it's nothing to do with nissan cmf platform..

  3. Mitsubishi is the company that was criminally charged for lying about their fatal product defects for 20+ consecutive years that had caused fatalities and injuries of many people. Mitsubishi also lied about the fuel efficiency of (almost) all their vehicles for decades before they virtually went under. More importantly, Mitsubishi was the company that acted on behalf of the Japanese imperialist government and pulled MILLIONS of innocent Chinese and Korean people into slavery and they are still refusing to compensate the survivors to this date.

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