2022 Honda Civic: test drive coming up…

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I will be driving this 2022 Honda Civic Sport for the week.

So feel free to ask me any questions you might have. So far, a very nice compact sedan that is anything but “sporty”…


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  1. The Sport is definitely the best looking model imo, especially the wheels. Until the hatch is released anyway. A shame it only has 158hp and no manual though. I still like the 10th gen non-performance sedan and coupe Civic more though. The 10th gen exterior is just way more modern. The Si and Type R had way too many overstyled fake vents and large wings.

  2. What is the throttle lag from a standstill given the small turbo motor and CVT? A review posted by a prominent youtuber showed it to be attrocious–something approaching a second between slamming the accelerator down and the car having appreciable acceleration. That is a deal killer for me.

  3. from a standstill, the whole thing is quite slow… (Although there is a Sport mode I haven't tried yet)
    The Sport model doesn't have a turbo engine. The car I am driving has the regular 2.0 Liter from the base model. Things might be better with the turbo…
    I just don't understand the idea of a "sport" model with the base engine and CVT. If at least they made the manual available.
    A real Sport version should be a base model with some sporty bits, with the Turbo engine. At least…

  4. I'm most curious about it as a value proposition. Hyundai, Kia, Honda, Subaru, and Toyota are kind of known for having the most value thanks to their features, pricepoint, reliability, and durability, and I would love to see how this car is in terms of value. Does it feel like you're getting your money's worth?

  5. The "Sport" is a misnomer. It doesn't have the turbo engine which I can vouch for as quite good, even with the CVT.

  6. Absolutely. The "Sport" should be an option package and not a specific model. As there is nothing sporty about it.
    It's mostly a visual package. Except for the paddle shifter, mode drive, and somehow 2 extra speakers.

    None of these actually make the car sportier. Nothing can make that CVT/base engine combo sporty…

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